Iraqi archeologists worked for decades uncovering artifacts and collecting them in the Baghdad museum. During the US invasion, much of this immense cultural treasure was lost. The ancient pieces had survived for thousands of years – inconspicuous in the ground, but safe. In a few days, they were looted and sent abroad to private collections. The remains of entire cultures were largely lost – forever.

Likewise, the Jews suffered persecutions in many countries but survived because they were dispersed. Israel has deliberately uprooted many unique Jewish cultures from Belarus to Yemen to Morocco. Those cultures are no more, preserved only in Israeli museums and old family photos. Besides exterminating these cultures, Israel greatly endangers the Jews. The Soviets were allegedly ready to employ nuclear weapons against Israel in 1967 and 1973; Pakistan and soon Iran could attack Israel with nukes at any time. Indecisive Israel provokes the enemies into thinking they can strike with impunity. Israel could become the trap for annihilation of another one-third of the Jews in addition to the third lost in the Holocaust.