Jews are peculiar, and so is Jewish fascism. Normal fascists persecuted immoral, destructive elements within their nations. Israeli fascists persecute the best, zealous Jews.

Jerusalem court found Itamar ben Gvir guilty of “abetting a terrorist organization” and “incitement to racism.” A terrorist organization in question is Kach – which has never perpetrated any act of terror, but only called to deporting hostile Arabs from the Jewish state to Jordan. Itamar “abetted” the “terrorist organization” by distributing a flyer which included the line, “Rabbi Kahane was right.” Israeli court equaled a mere statement of opinion with the material aid to terrorists. Was any American sentenced for lauding James Brown? How many Muslims got in jail worldwide for lauding Osama bin Laden’s actions? None. How many Arabs are sentenced in Israel for waving the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah flags? None.

Rabbi Meir Kahane was a prominent politician, a member of the Knesset, a prolific writer. The Jerusalem court refused Itamar a right to express his personal opinion about Kahane. Even the USSR did not sentence dissidents for praising Solzhenitsyn. Israeli leftist establishment has long made a mockery of the freedom of speech by tightly controlling the media. Itamar’s conviction is a formal proof that the concept of free speech is non-existent in the fascist state of Israel.

The charge of “incitement to racism” is absent from the criminal laws of civilized countries. One can incite to action (e.g., lynching), not to forming an opinion (racism). An “incitement” to form a (racist) opinion is actually permissible propaganda. There was nothing racist in Itamar’s words. He didn’t call the Arabs beasts, sub-humans, or urged their annihilation. Itamar held a slogan, “Evict Arab enemy” which clearly refers to the Arabs who showed disloyalty to the Jewish state.

The court also charged Itamar with calling Arab members of Knesset “the fifth column.” A search for “America fifth column” on Google produces 1.6 million results. No one went to jail for calling political opponents a fifth column; Israeli court sentenced Itamar for the very same words.

A fascist Israeli state deserves the same treatment as its fellow totalitarian states of Germany, Italy, and Russia – extirpation of the oppressive ruling clique.

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