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Worldwide Jewish lobby against Jews

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On December 25, 2012 @ 9:37 am In Jewish matters | No Comments

The famed Jewish lobby is pathetic. Only anti-Semites can be fooled by the myth of Jewish influence. There is none. Where were those elders of Zion when Russians and Ukrainians slaughtered the Jews in 1905, and from 1917 to 22? Where were they when all the countries closed their doors to Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria? With all the Jewish clout in America, couldn’t they’ve opened the gates there? Not even to the third world? And when the Germans asked for a mere 10,000 trucks in exchange for a million Jews, how comes all those mega-rich Jews couldn’t collect the necessary amount?

In Israeli history, the international Jewish lobby achieved nothing. The US supported Israel to check Soviet expansion in the Middle East; no lobbying was necessary. On the really important issues, such as American support for annexing Sinai or the West Bank, the Jewish lobby has failed. They couldn’t convince the US Administration to recognize the annexation of the Golan Heights from the terrorist state of Syria. Not even the US Embassy has been moved to Jerusalem; the US Administration refuses to recognize this city as Jewish.

Mega-lobbyists such as AIPAC succeed only on token issues, such as particular arms deals. There, too, their power is very limited: America has repeatedly refused Israel urgently needed weapons—for example, GBU-28 bunker buster bombs for attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Jews’ greatest political asset is anti-Semites who have convinced themselves of Jewish power. Nahum Goldman was a great intriguer, but Adenauer agreed to pay Holocaust reparations solely because he was deluded into thinking that the worldwide cabal of Jewish bankers and lobbyists would harm Germany otherwise.

The activities of Jewish lobbyists are often counterproductive. Like any bureaucracies, they sacrifice quality to quantity, and betray Israel’s core interests for specific deals. In one affair, AIPAC opposed the push for American divestment from Iran in order to curry favor with the Administration for arms deals. Jewish lobbyists cannot be too Jewish lest they offend their gentile friends; the Jews, therefore, refrain from lobbying for nationalistic goals such as annexation. In fact, they surrender the nationalist issues in order to build a rapport on minor deals.

Jewish organizations misuse money collected from small donors. From outright corruption (such as that of long-time WJC leader Singer) to breach of trust (JDC provides aid to anti-Semitic nations and irrelevant causes), to plain inefficiency, most organizations are wasteful. For all their shortcomings, AIPAC and the Claims Conference are the only viable organizations in Jewish society.
Jewish organizations are a constant source of embarrassment. In Eastern Europe, they are often headed by white-collar criminals. In the West, their leaders are less than honest. In one case, Bronfman had always posed as the major contributor to WJC, which positioned him as the most powerful Jew in the world—until it came out that his WJC donations are a meager $1.5-2 million a year.

Jewish organizations are not just useless, but hugely detrimental to Jews. The organizations concentrate all Jewish action—and then misguide and misapply it. They insist on “silent diplomacy” in order to arrogate power and representation to themselves, but their diplomacy is so silent that it goes unnoticed. Still worse, they use their fake position as Jewish leaders in order to curry position for themselves with gentile politicians; Jewish “leaders” are therefore eager to betray Jews and submit to gentile whims. Not only do examples abound, but there is not a single major example to the contrary. Jewish leaders relied on silent diplomacy to gain immigration quotas to the US before Holocaust, to bomb the death camps during it, to release the Soviet Jews, ad infinitum—and failed invariably.

On their background, grassroots activists of various faiths and platforms performed valiantly: the earliest Zionists, Hillel Kook, Meir Kahane—all the way down to the ultra-leftists who changed the Israeli and American attitude toward the territories. When hundreds of grassroots organizations compete, a few of them will certainly find the right approach; when mammoth Jewish organizations get into the game, they try only the most conservative approaches and fail. Jewish lobbying for increasing the immigration quota before the Holocaust was a waste of effort: naturally, American politicians pandered to their anti-Semitic isolationist voters and wanted no refugees. Any sensible grassroots organization would have bribed journalists, placed ads, and staged demonstrations to change the public mood.

Jewish organizations have two lessons to teach Jews. One, don’t support them. Two, don’t expect support from anyone.

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