Presenting the conflict as Israeli-Palestinian is misleading, a classic case of what mathematicians know as the Achilles-and-the-turtle paradox of infinitely small iterations. The conflict is between Jews and the world. European powers evicted Jews from Europe, and allocated to us 0.01% of the Middle East. In fact, there were several arrangements, Jewish demands diminishing at each turn. The Balfour Declaration gave Jews a fraction of what Jews and Christians know as the Promised Land. Afterwards, the British gave away 3/4 of the Jewish land in order to accommodate a friendly Iraqi prince left without a kingdom, and thus appeared Jordan. At the time, Jews numbered a hundred times the population of the Jordanian Bedouin, but the Bedouin got three times more land. Then came the 1947 partition between the Jews and those Arabs whom even Jordan refused to take in. The Jews accepted even that, but the Arabs refused and have fought Israel over six decades. The world still wants the partition to benefit the Arabs, instead of accepting that they lost the right to the partition they fought against. The partition of Israel wouldn’t merely give Palestinians a state, but a second state in addition to the one they already have in Jordan (ethnic Palestinian Arabs are a majority in Jordan). Besides that partition, the world demands that Israel accommodate two million Arab citizens and resident aliens in what is left of Israel.

But the Jews developed these lands from desert and marshes; Arabs never settled the plains before and have no imaginable right to them. The same world doesn’t imagine the Americans dividing their country with the American Indians, or even the Saudis giving their oilfields back to the Bedouin tribes who exclusively roamed them ninety years ago. Palestinian Arab nationalists identified with Syria before the UN surprised them in 1947 by offering them a state of their own. Not every tribe received a state of its own, and Palestinian Arabs don’t possess even tribal distinctions from the neighboring Arabs. Muslims enjoy their fifty-seven states and every conceivable religious place, while the peace process leaves the Jews with a tiny beach area and no places of Jewish religious importance whatsoever. The Israel of the 1947 UN partition and the Road Map is mostly unrelated to Jewish history or religion. Judea was located in what is now termed the Arab West Bank. The peace process awards the defeated Muslim aggressors the ancient Jewish land while giving the Jews a fourteen-mile-wide beach strip little more important to our national conscience than Uganda. Oh, and the world also allocates the Jews the uninhabitable Negev Desert and the Galilee, which has been densely settled by Arabs.

International control of Jerusalem places a Muslim and barbarian majority of the UN in charge of the Jewish sanctum. Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital is an oxymoron. Jerusalem was of no importance to Muslims until the 1970s. They didn’t make pilgrimage to the city. Jerusalem is only a likely site of the purported ascension of the Muslim prophet, whose youngest wife was a nine-year-old. They need not keep the two immense structures on the Temple Mount. The structures are not ancient at all, but were rebuilt in the early twentieth century, with older parts thrown away and ending up in the Jewish Rockefeller Museum. Under the international regime in Jerusalem, Muslims will stay in Haram ash-Sharif while Jews will be allowed to shed tears at the ruins of our two temples buried below the Muslim shrines, with no hope of rebuilding our temple. Every Christian nation, most recently Greece, razed or converted Muslim structures upon reconquest, and that’s what religious leaders like the Chief IDF Rabbi Shlomo Goren urged concerning Haram ash Sharif in Jerusalem. While the eternal Jewish capital will lie under an international regime, Jews will be barred from Hebron and the tomb of Rachel, along with other places of immense religious significance abandoned to Palestinian Arabs. Muslims are somehow entitled to three major shrine towns (Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem) while Jews are deprived of both Jerusalem and Hebron.

battleground Jerusalem: the world against Jews