Jews never had a significant triumph throughout our entire history. Our military victories amounted to survival, such as when the Egyptian chariots drowned in the Red Sea, the Maccabees defied Antiochus’ attempt to eliminate Judaism, or in 1967. Jews survived miraculously while other nations perished. The Jewish nation lacks riches; in our time, the Muslims got oil, not we. Jews subsisted in poverty on the barren hills of Judea, in Rome where Martial and Juvenal made fun of our beggars, and in the Eastern European ghettos. God doesn’t need another arrogant victorious tribe like the Romans or vainly rich bastards like the oil Arabs. Jews were promised neither power nor riches, but the status of a priestly nation. Jewish wars, therefore, fall into three types: physical survival (with Egypt in 1446 B.C.E. and 1973 C.E.), spiritual survival at the risk to physical existence (the Maccabees and bar Kochba, both in response to restrictions imposed on Judaism), and the final messianic war. When Jews turn from the path of Judaism, they are exterminated: corrupt and sectarianized Jews in 70, assimilated Alexandrian Jews in 117, and Jews who forgot human dignity and the will to fight in the twentieth century. Reform “Judaism” spiritually annihilates scores of assimilated Jews. Time and again, the nation is purified and turned back on the right track. That’s about all the Jews were promised.