Somehow peace has become the most prominent Israeli objective. If we want peace, better stay in New York. If we want a national state for the Jews, we could have founded it in Uganda without opposition. The only reason we settled in Palestine is religious.

True, the degree of religiosity is varies among Jews, often amounts to little more than “Jewishness.” That’s okay for now. The point is, Israelis need not peace but the certain establishment of the Jewish state, followed by peace. Specifically, a secure and lasting peace.

Here religious and political objectives coincide. There is no Jewish state without Judea, and there is no security without depth of defense. The Jewish religious worldview requires that we annex the territories, and the territories are indispensable for Israeli security.

Seeking peace rather than Jewish statehood is a leftover of the Exile mentality. Jews are surprised when someone is not actively killing them, and so they think Palestinians are tolerable neighbors. “Actively” is a key word: many Israelis are afraid to ride in buses—a frequent object of bombings—in their own country. Normalize. Learn to insist on your objectives. Learn to hate your enemies and treat them accordingly.

Nations have always repressed, killed, or driven away indigenous populations. No country ever returned land acquired in a victorious war. No country ever gave away land crucial for its national conscience, like Judea is for Jews. No country ever submitted to a weak enemy or acquiesced to the national aspirations of a non-nation; there was no “Palestinian nation” forty years ago.

Ben-Gurion remarked that the Jews will be normal when Israel has its own thieves and prostitutes. We abandoned havdala, isolation, and have plenty of them, but we’re still not normal.