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Who comes with a sword . . .

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On December 7, 2006 @ 10:52 am In North Korea | 3 Comments

North Korea refuses to negotiate its nuclear program until the US unfreezes its assets and abandons the demand for nuclear disarmament. Good. North Korea saves US taxpayers a few bucks which would be otherwise wasted on pointless conferences. What did the US government expect from negotiations?

Every state dreams of nuclear weapons. The few cases to the contrary are highly specific. South Africa dismantled its nuclear arsenal so it did not fall to the blacks. The Ukraine shipped Soviet nuclear weapons to Russia to appease. After the Chernobyl explosion, the pacifist Ukrainian president encountered no opposition in repatriating the dangerous nuclear devices. Russia’s satellites Kazakhstan and Belarus could not refuse its demand to return the weapons.

A nuclear arsenal is indispensable for North Korea. The country feels threatened by China, South Korea, Japan, and ultimately the US. The dying communist state needs to instill militarist pride in its citizens. Nuclear capability gives even a worthless country a place at international conferences. Nuclear pauper states are assured of foreign attention and aid.

What could North Korea hope to get by nuclear demilitarization? Even in the unimaginable scenario of North Korea abandoning its nuclear aspirations, how to verify that it dismantles all its bombs and does not sell nuclear technology to other rogue states?

The nuclearization of North Korea is a done deal, irreversible. Now the US can only neutralize the consequences: bomb every known or imagined North Korean nuclear facility, including underground ones, and threaten to destroy the cities should the country engage in nuclear proliferation. A mighty response would stop other nuclear aspirants.

How unthinkable is it to bomb North Korea? Eisenhower announced US plans to employ nuclear weapons against North Korea in 1953 and America threatened again in 1976 Both times the Koreans backed down. The US successfully resorted several times to nuclear threats against China.

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