Some atheists, appalled at our religiosity, ask what is the difference between Jewish and Muslim religious zealots, especially given that both subscribe to a similar code of law and are ready to practice deadly violence. But what is the difference between Hutu and Tutsi, pike and gudgeon, Soviets and Nazis? To outside observers they are very much the same. It is their very sameness that makes their conflicts irresolvable as their goals and means converge.

Are we better than Muslims? Are apples better than oranges? Outsiders can see us as religiously and morally equivalent, but that’s irrelevant to us. There is no way Jews can prove themselves more deserving than Palestinians; we advance arguments, and they do. We’re recent immigrants, and many of them came here recently. Outsiders judge between us strictly on the basis of sympathy, rather than any rational arguments. Anti-Semitism is deep-rooted among Europeans, while their interaction with Muslims has been rather limited and no similar hatred exists. No wonder most Westerners support Palestinians, or at least shrug at supporting Jews.

We deserve this land and entitled to fight those of opposing views only in our own perspective. Thus, we should not care of anyone else’s.