Palestinians are renown for cowardice even among the notoriously unwarlike Arabs. Palestinian attempt at civil war amounts to saber rattling. Despite the large expenditure of ammunition, casualties remained minor. Hamas – Fatah clashes look like a show.

During the riots and the War of Independence, Palestinians avoided battles and concentrated on robbery. Beyond cheering from rooftops, they did not help the Arabs who fought Israel in several wars. Dispersing them into Jordan and Lebanon is a slam-dunk job: Jordan succumbed to influx of 700,000 Iraqi refugees. Consequences? Jews should have grown used to them during the two millennia.

Not much time is available. Nationalism is engulfing the Arab world, and previously cynical inhabitants could become ideologically charged, willing to wage total wars.

Palestinians are no-nation. They cannot build a state. No country genuinely supports them; Palestinian issue is just another anti-Semitic canard. Why does the Israeli government shower them with concessions?

King Hussein of Jordan drove the fedayeen Palestinians from his state, killing 8,000 of them in a few days. Jordan is a key American ally in the Middle East, respected by international community, and at peace with Israel. Learn from your friends that massively killing and expelling the Palestinians is ok.


It is mind-boggling that Israel welcomes the US, Egypt, and Jordan training, supplying, and financing the PLO-Fatah. They are building an army which would professionally oppose Israeli anti-terrorist operations in Palestinian settlements. The American hypocrisy is startling. The US pushed for democratic elections in Palestine which brought Hamas to power, and now finances Fatah’s coup against the legal Hamas government. Unwilling to stain its hands in Jewish blood directly, America relegates the supply of weapons and ammunition to Egypt and Jordan. Now the Arabs officially at peace with Israel could legally arm Israeli enemy.

Propping the Fatah is senseless. Abbas already has twenty times more troops than Hamas. He loses to Hamas politically, and America cannot help him on that. Fortunately for the Jewish idea, Palestinians do not want a state carved from Israel.