Some of our supporters reportedly have brought down the website several times. I have never requested the attacks, though I do suggest pulling down hostile websites in Samson Blinded. Is, however, stormfront really hostile?

One thing I do not accept about stormfront is their Nazi symbolism; even the name stormfront stinks. Everything about the Nazis is too personal for me to tolerate. Whatever the secular law says, Nazism must be suppressed by any means. True, the current Nazism does not pass the clear and present danger threshold for suppressing free speech. Nazi speech should be suppressed on different grounds: vengeance. I am a Jew; I believe in an eye for an eye in its original sense, not the gibberish of just compensation, and I fully subscribe to vengeance. Nazi speech and everything else must be suppressed.

Nazism, however, is peripheral to white supremacists, and I wonder why they insist on the hollow symbolism. Why is it hollow? Because they will object to the real Nazism of Aryan supremacy. American whites belong to the ethnic mix the real Nazis despised. Psychologists can study the white supremacists’ odd choice of Nazism as ethnically mindful ideology, but the fact is, they are not really Nazis. Do we have a problem with ethnically agitated radicals? Not at all, unless they have a problem with the Jews. In the Samson Blinded, I argue for rapprochement with right nationalists in the West against Islamic cultural influx. The radicals need an enemy, and if not the Islamic culture, the enemy would be the Jews. As a Jew who wants Israel a Jewish state, I understand why the alien crowds frustrate white supremacists. Jews want to live without Arabs, and I understand that some whites want to live separately. The American situation is very different from Israeli: we only need to move Israeli Arabs 30 miles away to live in their own state, while African Americans have nowhere to go. The population figures in America are also very different from Israel’s. Besides, there is a host of moral issues, like considerable integration of Blacks in the society, intermarriages, and the fact that their ancestors were forcibly brought to America. I don’t see how American white supremacists can reasonably attain their ethnically conscious society. Probably, the concerned whites will have to move away and form their own communities. I am not an expert in the white movement, and do not know whether it is aggressive to people of different color or merely posits a problem and seeks a way to separate itself into culturally homogenous society. I would find the former unacceptable and the latter interesting.