Giving the Palestinians all the areas they want won’t bring peace. Palestinians control all those areas now. Except during riots, Israeli police don’t show up in the Arab-occupied areas. Even Arab villages inside Israel are off-limits to police and court officers: the police enter Arab places like Lod in armored vehicles only; that’s in Israel, not the West Bank. A Palestinian state would be a permanent offense to the Arabs: did they fight all those years for a tiny, nonviable statelet? So the Palestinians will press with more demands: free trade with Israel (flooding our markets with their tax-free produce), migrant labor, access to Gaza (a contiguous Palestinian state means a non-contiguous Jewish one). Palestinians will unite with their brethren in Jordan, who form a majority there and will take over that country in democratic fashion after the inevitable failure of the Jordanian monarchy; after all, monarchy fails everywhere. The West Bank will annex Jordan rather than vice versa. Refugees returning from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Gaza will turn the Palestinian state into a state of criminal anarchy: those people have had no useful skills for four generations, no place to live, and no desire to work; imagine resettling Harlem’s inhabitants into Manhattan.

The Israeli left has no compassion for Arabs. The West Bank was given away only because Israel doesn’t want to assimilate another three million Arabs. But Arabs in Israel bred from 150,000 to 1.5 million in sixty years. They are already 34 percent of Israel’s young. Israeli Arabs contribute to violence against Jews statistically much more than Gazans or West Bankers. Israeli troops find it easier to conduct operations in Gaza than in the Arab villages of Galilee. A separation barrier can stem the flow of terrorists from Gaza, but attackers from Arab communities in Israel reach Jewish areas unimpeded.

The Israeli left doesn’t like the Arabs; it hates Jews—or, rather, Jewishness. Inundating Israel with Arabs is the left’s way of finishing Judaism off. The leftists resent being made to feel like second-rate Jews, Jews without Jewishness, and so are determined to do away with it. Zionism is a no-brainer; Judaism requires decades of study. Any crook can become a Zionist politician; it is much harder to become a prominent Torah scholar. Abandoning Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and Galilee to Arabs is not meant to establish peace or justice—these are the last things the leftists are concerned about. The concessions mean ending the left’s ideological humiliation—and ending the Jewish state in the process. At some point the leftists will change their course. Like King Herod, they will realize the usefulness of religion for their statehood needs, and will embrace Judaism. By that time, it may be too late.

Religious matters are black and white. God either told us to take and keep Jerusalem, or he didn’t. Jews, therefore, must either hold on to Jerusalem no matter what, or give it away; the hilly town is not worth the trouble. Negotiating Jerusalem is exactly like negotiating Jewish religion with Palestinians. The religion is either true or not, and there is no room for discussion.

Sovereignty is a fiction. East Jerusalem is to all practical purposes an Arab territory now. Israel’s sovereignty only gives Jews the honor of subsidizing the Arabs there. Jewish conservative activists make a great fuss about taking another acre for “illegal outposts,” but their efforts are irrelevant: even if the Israeli government annexed all the Jewish-squatted land, Arabs would still control Judea and Samaria demographically. Arabs fully control East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Lod, Akko, and most places in Galilee. Jews are increasingly left with the Negev desert (also roamed by Bedouin) and a beach strip. The peace process solves nothing, but only institutionalizes Israeli defeat.