There is a country that preserves and encourages Jewish culture and religion. The United States. The US Senate is certainly more tolerant and encouraging of Judaism than is the Muslim faction in the Israeli Knesset. How is the Jewish-Muslim state in Israel better than the Christian-Jewish in America? The only reason the Jews went to Palestine is because we want OUR OWN country. Why would we want to share a country with Muslims? Sephardic Jews tried that for centuries, and were happy to escape to Israel. We Jews really offend Palestinians, and they hate us. Jews are inherently second-rate people for Muslims. We theoretically could never build a good faith relationship with them.

Nor do we have to. Scores of countries have expelled Jews because we’re different. Now because we want to remain different, we must deport the Muslims. Not kill or rob them as they killed and robbed us in pogroms in Mandate Palestine and in the War of Independence. Not drown them into the sea, as they tried to drown us in several wars. Just move them. Even compensate them, if we want to look stupid. Not to the end of the earth. Only an hour’s drive away to Jordan, where their kin forms a qualified majority.

The Jewish religion cannot be possibly practiced in a Promised Land populated by Muslims; the Temple Mount is just one humiliating example. It bothers me to see the Haram ash-Sharif above the Western Wall we pray at. The Dome was specifically built there to commemorate the triumph of Islam. Minimal self-esteem requires Israelis to do away with the Dome.

Judaism is different from other religions. It is neither a philosophy or an abstract idea. No. Judaism is about doing. We practice Judaism in minute detail daily. And Judaism is incompatible with Islamic culture. We don’t want Muslim children in Israeli-financed schools to learn that Islam is superior to Judaism or learn cruelty by killing sheep when they are not even ten years old. We don’t want Muslim Israelis to be loyal to the anti-Israeli umma. We don’t want Saudi Arabia to finance Wahhabite schools on Israeli soil or to buy that soil with the proceeds from their oil racket. Judaism prohibits recreational hunting; Islam allows it. Judaism prohibits killing camels and horses for food; Muslims do that. Judaism prescribes monogamy; Islam welcomes polygamy.

Jewish tradition. What indeed is our tradition? Moses killed the Egyptian merely for beating another Hebrew. The Hebrews left Egypt to build a state of their own, not a politically correct mixed state with the Canaanites. David conducted aggressive expansionist policies. The prophets decried even traces of foreign worship in the land of Israel. The Maccabees fought the rational, Greek-leaning Jews. Twenty-four thousand of Rabbi Akiva’s students joined Bar Kochba’s revolt. Would they share a state with hostile, disdainful Muslims?