Rabbis erect immense hurdles before Gentile spouses of Jews who wish to convert. The required level of observance is close to the ultra-Orthodox standard, and vastly exceeds the practice of 90 percent of Jews. The rabbis also demand strict observance from the Jewish spouse, who is often less disposed toward religion than the Gentile partner. In this fashion, the Jewish nation loses many existing Jews, fails to acquire many new and good Jews, and abandons their children. With intermarriage raging at 60–90percent among atheist Jews, the overly strict rabbinical position is killing the nation.

Arguably, mixed families with less-than-strict observance are not the best Jews around, but their children can return to Judaism. To strip them of Jewish identity is counterproductive. The practice runs at odds with the historical norm, when Jews married Gentiles and converted them on the spot just before marriage. Joseph married an Egyptian priest’s daughter—obviously, she didn’t convert, but their children started two Jewish tribes.

Rabbis decry missionary work and discourage newcomers to Judaism. There’s no reason to doubt the gospel evidence of pharisaic rabbis being active missionaries. The later anti-missionary attitude is unwarranted: why not spread the message? Rabbis restrict proselytizing in order to maintain a monopoly over the flock: presumably, newcomers are more diverse in their opinions because they lack Jewish tradition. The concern is valid: look at Afro-American “Jews” to see the kind of Judaism we don’t want.
But the diversity problem can be addressed by standard halachic means of different status. There’s a Talmudic ban on proselytes marrying born Jews: only after the converts have proven their adherence for a generation do they become eligible to marry Jews. Orthodox Jews usually set stricter standards and refuse the convert’s descendants for several generations. Despite that rule, it was common for Jewish males to marry local Gentile females and have them converted.

Another possible status for converts is that of God-fearers, semi-Jews who accept only basic commandments—which is still better than conservative Jews today

Of course, we don’t want the entire Sudan converting to Judaism in order to move to Israel. Converts can only be allowed in the West Bank, and also Jordan and Sinai after we annex them. Or, converts and their descendants for four generations might not be eligible for immigration to Israel.
Practical differences can be solved, but we need more Jews. Ethnic diversity is not a problem, as Israel has admitted Arab and African Jews. In the modern world, monotheistic Judaism with a strictly incorporeal God appeals to a huge audience. As faithless Jews leave Judaism, other people can embrace our faith. More adherents strengthen Judaism and Israel, and must be welcomed, even sought.