A peace process does not lead to peace. Making concessions to Arabs and imploring them for a peace treaty only provoke them to last-ditch fighting. That correlation has been clear at least since the Oslo accords.

A peace process cannot lead to peace. If history has any lesson for us, it is that peace is only achieved after the unconditional capitulation of one’s enemy.

A peace process is highly unusual. Every other nation destroyed whatever people happened to live on the land that nation chose to build a state.

A peace process is illegal. The original mandate for the Jewish state included Transjordan, but the British illegally cut it off. Then the UN further partitioned Israel to accommodate Palestinian Arabs.

A peace process is immoral. Palestinian Arabs don’t constitute a nation. Offering them a state is a plot against Jews.

The Arab-Israeli peace process doesn’t offer safety. Jews need a secure state—not a beach strip fourteen miles wide.

The Jewish-Muslim peace process runs against Judaism and Jewish history. Jews are attached to the land which the conductors of the peace process would give to the Palestinians: Judea, Samaria, Hebron, Schem, and the Temple Mount. The coastal areas of modern Israel are irrelevant to Jewish religion or history. Jews could just as well settle in Uganda or in Arizona.

The Israeli-Arab peace process is not for real. The Israeli government employs the peace process for the sole objective of destroying Jewish religious and nationalist opposition to its rule. Neither the security of the Jewish state, nor the fulfillment of Jewish objectives are the peace process’ goals.

The Palestinian-Israeli peace process is pointless. Israel can reach a settlement with the Palestinian government, but a sufficient number of Palestinian Arabs would always resent what they think is Jewish occupation of the land of their ancestors. A few thousand such Arabs would always be there, and would employ terrorist tactics to attack Israel.

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process fails to address the major issue of Israel’s Jewishness. Israeli Arabs already constitute more than a third of Israeli youth. Arabs constitute a majority in many important areas of Israel. The area of Lod near Ben Gurion airport is as hostile to Israel as Gaza. Israel’s real problem is not the Palestinian Authority, but the Israeli Arabs who will be able to field the largest faction in the Knesset ten years from now.

Diplomatically mandated peace is not viable in our case. After the peace treaty with Egypt, Israel continued immense military spending. Egypt continues anti-Israeli propaganda and builds an army whose sole target is Israel.

Peace is not a proper objective. Jews moved to Israel to fulfill religious and nationalist objectives. If peace and security are the utmost objectives, Israelis should move to Canada.