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Wasting lives in Lebanon

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On July 14, 2006 @ 2:49 pm In war | No Comments

A prime-minister without vision is a danger to the nation. Now we are pounding Lebanon. What for? Do we expect the Lebanese will force Hezbollah out? It’s like beating an old lady whose son is a thief and thinking she will stop him. Lebanon is too weak to handle Hezbollah. Last time it took an invasion and a protracted fight to push the PLO out of Lebanon. To repeat that war would be disastrous.

Do we have to invade Lebanon every twenty years to push another guerrilla organization out? That is clearly absurd.

Why did we bomb the Beirut-Damascus highway? Because Hezbollah uses it? By that logic, go bomb ATT, since 9/11 terrorists call each other. Hezbollah will deliver weapons by the back roads. We did not even damage the highway much, but we did create an outcry among anti-semitic European governments. Why should we do that?

Why attack the Beirut airport? Again the damage is small, but the outcry is huge. I would understand if Israel had wiped out the airport; that would be meaningful. But we didn’t. We merely made it temporarily dysfunctional. Are we fighting or what?

The solution to Hezbollah lies in Israel. Destroy Hezbollah’s reason for existence. Resettle the Palestinians. Finish the problem. Or keep the Palestinian state and watch the other Arabs permanently fighting for its real or imagined grievances.

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