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War? Welcome!

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On November 8, 2006 @ 11:56 pm In Judea, Samaria, & Gaza | 3 Comments

It’s good news that Hamas has abandoned the truce. As if there were a truce. Shelling Sderot, in Hamas’ opinion, amounts to non-belligerence and killing Jews – to non-violence.

That Israel killed civilians in Gaza is bad. That Israel killed enemy civilians is okay. Hamas fights Israel; Palestinian civilians support Hamas; Israel may kill Palestinians.

Palestinians materially support Hamas, the anti-Israeli guerillas: elect them, shelter, and provide logistics. Palestinians want Hamas to kill Israelis but expect limited liability for themselves. War spells full liability. And it’s great that Hamas has re-opened the war.

Condemnations must be disregarded. And who condemns Israel, anyway? France, which has caused millions of civilian deaths in Algeria and Indochina; Russia which perpetrated genocide in Chechnya.
Britain reminded Israel of her “obligation to avoid harming civilians.” Evidently, Britain adhered to that obligation in the Opium Wars, in India, and Falklands. Britain’s Beckett must be silly to ask, “What was this action meant to achieve?” Dear Margaret, tank fire is meant to kill, and Israel meant to kill terrorist supporters with tank fire—along with their children, if they happened to be near.

The Palestinians rioted in response to the deaths in Beit Hanoun. What a lesson for Israelis who ignore Jewish deaths in Sderot! Palestinian crowds shouted, Death to the Jews, death to Israel. I dream of the day when Jewish crowds start shouting, Death to Palestine! Or do Israelis believe that the Palestinians whose children and neighbors we kill now will be our good friends and neighbors?

Abbas laments that the Israeli attack on Gaza destroys the chances for peace. He might be right. Hamas shells South Israel only moderately, only to keep its reputation with Palestinian voters. If Israel absorbs the blows and remains silent, Abbas might rein in Hamas. But people are not rational and commonly disregard the sensible advice to enjoy the sex if rape is inevitable.
Israel should prove that she is irrational. Attacking Syria is not advisable in the volatile Middle East situation. Since, however, Hamas declared war on Israel, Hamas headquarters in Damascus is fair game. A dangerously angry Israel has the best chances of peace with the Arabs.

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