Israeli-born Jews, imbued with post-1967 macho mentality, shrug at the Holocaust victims: why did they allow killing themselves as sheep? why didn’t they fight? The Jews brought up in the spirit of tolerance and rapprochement with Germany seek fault with their brethren; ostensibly, they behaved as sub-humans. In truth, the generation of Holocaust behaved all too human. Consider brave, zealous Russians who have no ghetto mentality; they silently submitted to the Stalinist slaughter. During WWII, Russians prisoners died by hundreds of thousands from starvation but did not rise up against their German guards. No nation has stronger claim for normality than Americans, but the story of American prisoners’ degradation in Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-5 fully conforms to the events. Americans accepted their government to slaughter their children by sending them to senseless wars in Vietnam and Iraq. French, British soldiers accepted assured deaths in Verdun rather than rejecting the government’s right to have them killed.

Jews of Holocaust are guilty of profaning God’s name by submitting to their murderers. There are, however, extenuating circumstances: a history of anti-Semitism, recent persecutions and often pogroms made Jews prepared for death; Germans and their Latvian, Ukrainian accomplices crushed the Jews’ self-respect before murdering us; in many cases, the lethal prospects were concealed and Jews imagined salvation until it was too late. Israeli Jews lack any of those excuses.

The Muslim statements, intentions, and ideology are clear: in the long term, they won’t accept a Jewish state in the Middle East. The targets for North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran’s nuclear bombs are clear: Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Ashdod. The disloyalty – or rather nationalism – of Israeli Arabs is clear: in a crisis, enough of them will come up to kill Jews. That Israeli government commits treason on every turn, from giving Muslims the Temple Mount to sending humanitarian aid to Gazan Arabs is beyond doubt. The sour fruits of the peace process with determined enemy are no secret: more than 7,000 Jewish casualties. The map of the Roadmap plan is there on the Internet to see: creating a Palestinian state leaves Israel a 9-mile wide country most of whose territory is Negev desert. Arrogant Israeli Jews disparage the Holocaust victims for sheepishly accepting their deaths; Israelis, for their part, accept the lethal prospects as donkeys. Sheep accept their fate; donkeys ignore it.

It was for a reason that Plato has only awarded voting rights in his utopian state to military aristocracy. The rights belong to those ready to fight for them. Fictional democracy allows brainwashed donkeys to elect a government that kills them on the altar of peace process. The Holocaust generation of Jews, at least, did not elect its executioners.

voting for Holocaust