Indecisive Jews refuse to take hints and lose the windows of opportunity.  Not even other Arabs cared of Palestinians before 1970s. PLO was internationally recognized as terrorist organization. Palestinians elected the Hamas government which rejected peace accords and formally recourses to terrorist methods. Today the Palestinians are deemed a nation deserving of a state and PLO-Fatah is welcomed at foreign receptions; that was only expected given the turn of opinion about similar terrorist group, Nelson Mandela’s ANC. On every turn, Israel makes further concessions instead of transferring Palestinians to Jordan.
The world has no problem with atrocities, mass killing, or ethnic cleansing. Every state had been formed thus. Only protracted, indecisive policies are decried. It was ok for America to massively killed Vietnamese until the atrocities became irritating routine. It took 27 years from the UN resolution on apartheid until the US and UK enacted significant – not even critical – economic sanctions against South Africa.
Israeli bickering with Palestinians offends the world. The benefit of doubt accorded to White states repressing the colored nations is limited in time. There is a balance between acceptance of force and moralistic concerns. When the public sees that practical considerations are not realized by repressions, sentiment moves toward moralistic concerns.
Israel cannot conflict with Palestinians forever. Public opinion already recognizes them as victims, even when they shell Israeli towns. Every imagined Israeli wrong against the Palestinians would be trumpeted. Now the world demands that Israel tears down the security fence and allows free entry of Palestinian migrant workers. The demands for accommodation of Palestinians would grow stronger. Every political or economic failure of semi-barbaric Palestinians would be blamed on Israel. No amount of affirmative action would suffice to absolve the Jewish state. Israel could escalate and end the conflict by dispersing the Palestinians into Jordan and Lebanon.