Specifically, Venezuelan socialism in the amount of approximately $80 million per day in oil imports. Venezuela cooperates with Iran, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and supports leftist movements throughout the Western Hemisphere. Latin Americans, in the best tradition of Hispanic culture, are not exactly workaholics, to say the least, but love good life as everyone else. Here comes socialism.Chavez is not entirely off the mark. International oil corporations indeed rob Venezuelean people. Foreign speculators who invested in CANTV make more money than the telecom’s retirees. American AES isn’t a benefactor of Venezuelean energy sector.Oil price hike, predictably triggered by the invasion of Iraq, provided windfall for Venezuela. Chavez enjoyed the same kind of boost as Clinton: both were popularly credited with economic bonanza which they did not create. Gluttony of the 2005 budget revenues led to Chavez’ reelection.The US had good sense and unpleasant resolution to support military dictators in Latin America. With demise of the USSR, the US relaxed its grip on Latin American affairs, and socialists resurfaced. The good news, the Soviet sponsor of economically inefficient socialist nations is dead. Now it’s the US time to stop sponsoring socialism. Options include developing the suspended oilfields, importing oil from Russia, or just reducing oil consumption while introducing more nuclear energy and electric cars.