The proliferation of rabbinical legislation created a rift between Jewishness and productive life. A person who strives to be a good Jew studies Judaism—thousands of volumes of halacha and commentaries, and never has time for secular education. If we only followed the law of the Torah, and perhaps also the Oral Torah, Mishnah, and relegate all the commentaries to a matter of curiosity, then Jews would have time both for religious and professional fulfillment. Judaism was never meant to be a monastic religion that precludes productive employment.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews reasonably consider themselves to be the best Jews, and so arouse feelings in secular Jews reminiscent of anti-Semitic sentiment toward Jews. Just as anti-Semites hate us because we believe ourselves chosen—and thus higher than they are—so atheist Jews despise the ultra-Orthodox for their proud superiority. It is obscene that ultra-Orthodox Jews, our religious beacons, don’t pay their dues to society. The Israeli military budget is $5 billion, a thousand dollars per every Jew. Ultra-Orthodox Jews have to pay their share. The anti-Zionists among them cannot argue that they would be at peace with the Arabs if not for the Zionists, who should thus bear the financial burden. Arabs killed ultra-Orthodox Jews even in the nineteenth century, when there was no Zionism, and terrorists kill them now.

There should be a minimal tax obligation for every citizen; no able person must be allowed to pay less. Just as everyone has to pay municipal expenses, so everyone must pay IDF’s expenses.

There’s no need to discuss the point that Arab citizens of Israel must pay lump-sum taxes, too. Rather, they must be expelled.