Predicting pogroms in the Ukraine is a safe way to get a prophet’s reputation. No other nation has exterminated so many Jews.

Slavs destroyed the Khazar Kingdom though assimilated much of its culture; the Russian language is heavily rooted in Hebrew.

In the 17th century, Bogdan Khmelnitsky’s hordes massacred between 100,000 and 250,000 Jews with a brutality unknown even at the time. Ukrainian historians claim his massacres were somehow related to alleged abuses of Jewish tax administrators and liquor sellers. Wow! As if most of them were Jewish, as if there were more than a few hundred Jews doing those jobs, as if the drunkard population resented tavern keepers. Jews were not tax farmers in scores of European countries, yet Christians killed them. Khmelnitsky is a hero of modern Ukraine, a country showered by US attention, welcomed by Israel, and aspiring to EU membership. Thousands of Ukrainians have received the government’s Bogdan Khmelnitsky medal. Schoolchildren learn from approving teachers of his struggle against the Jews who oppressed poor Ukrainian masses. In the 18th century, Pylyp Orlyk, Ukrainian warlord and a later convert to Islam, wrote a constitution. Ukrainian students now learn it as an early example of democratic liberalism. Indeed. I won’t repeat what the constitution says about the Jews.

Pogroms continued frequently, but tremendously increased in number and scope since the late 19th century. Liberation movement provoked politically motivated pogroms from 1905. Jews,who were banned from agriculture and did not join proletariat, became class enemies of Ukrainians – another good reason to kill us.

Socialist Revolution of 1917 pulled down even the nominal legislative safeguards against murder of Jews. Ukrainian warlords fought each other, but agreed on one point – kill the Jews. Meet Simon Petlyura, another hero of modern Ukraine. The U.S.-supported Ukrainian president passed executive order that requires regional authorities to build monuments to Petlyura and name streets after him. Curiously, Ukraine signed the European Convention on the International Validity ofCriminal Judgments. In 1926, French court acquitted a Jew who killed Petlyura on the grounds unprecedented in modern justice – the Jew, the court decided, justly avenged his family murdered by Petlyura’s troops. Thus, the Ukrainian hero turns out a convicted mass murderer. Another 250 thousand Jews killed in the extermination campaign larger than any that took place before.

Then came the Nazis. Independent Ukraine took compensation from Germany for the murdered Jews. Germans, sure, organized the extermination, but Ukrainians have carried it out. Queasily hypocritical Ukrainian government holds annual memorial parties at Babyi Yar, a notorious site of mass murder. No one admits that the executioners were Ukrainians, or that the Ukrainians reported Jews to the Nazis and cheered when Jews were marched to death.

the government always sanctioned and often encouraged Ukrainian pogroms. In 1905, police disarmed Jewish self-defense units to clear the path for Ukrainian murderers into Jewish quarters. Current president and major leaders keep close friendship with virulently anti-Semitic Ukrainian nationalists. Jewish barons add to the popular hatred. Ukraine is a poor country, but they steal, cheat on taxes, privatize state assets for pennies, and push their way into parliament. Jewish mayors came to power in rigged elections, and extort enormous bribes from local entrepreneurs, embezzle, and oppress the people. Gentile officials do likewise, but Jews are more visible.

No hand combat training or light firearms will protect Ukrainian Jews. Poor fellows, why do they stay there for certain death?