Being born and, educated in the USSR, I imagine I understand things there better than foreign commentators given to wishful thinking.

America has the discouraging habit of involving itself in places it has not even the slightest clue about. The Middle East was it for decades, and now the Bush Administration has decided to meddle in Eastern Europe.

What the US strategic interests in that area are, I cannot imagine. Since Russia doesn’t need containing, why spend billions propping up regimes hostile to Russia and strengthen Russian nationalists fearful of Western expansion?

Anyway, last year the US funneled about a billion dollars into the Ukrainian Orange Revolution, the American inmates’ robe color. Vast numbers of demonstrators were hauled in from the provinces for $16 a day, and the locals joined the show to get free goodies, like food and coats.

America, as usual, propped one scoundrel up against another. The opposition was led by the pro-Russian prime minister, twice convicted of rape and robbery. The pro-American side naturally consisted of Ukrainian nationalists, largely anti-semites. Both sides forged elections in the regions they controlled, and the result of 46% for the pro-Russians was not unreasonable. The US officials just did not know that in non-democracies about a third of the people automatically vote for the ruling party, pro-Russian in this case. Anyway, the elected president (the one convicted of violent felonies) was displaced and the pro-American one installed.

Just over a year later, the ostensibly popular pro-American president’s party got a mere 16% of the vote in the parliamentary elections. The convict’s party got the majority. The good thing is that the elections restored the balance of power, tilting it a bit away from the Ukrainian nationalists. The bad thing, the continuing downward spiral of the Ukrainian economy that survives by amortizing old Soviet industrial assets, will surely bring about a crisis, and the Jews will be right there to kill, as always happens in the Ukraine.

America destabilizes the Middle East by forcing equally silly policies on Israel.