IAEA offered Iran a “timeout,” simultaneous freeze on the Iranian nuclear program and the UN sanctions. That’s essentially truce, and truce benefits the aggressor. Iran could use the time to procure more centrifuges to obtain twenty, rather than one warhead in the next year. Its goal is 64,000 centrifuges instead of the 3,000 being deployed now. Iran will also clean the assets of its two major banks hit by the US. Lifting of sanctions would allow Iran to purchase centrifuges and other necessary equipment. Iran won’t stop the tacit work, such as research on ballistic missiles and warhead design. Khamenei could have long stopped the Iranian nuclear program, had he wished so. He just uses Ahmadinejad as an expendable front for his own nuclear ambitions. Ahmadinejad allows Khamenei to pursue nuclear weapons while remaining unscathed by critics. Nuking the Iranian nuclear facilities out of existence is not just the surest, but the only way to stop nuclearly minded mullahs.

The West time and again refuses to discern subtleties in the words of Muslims. Iran both works on installing the centrifuges (in the words of a politician) and has no centrifuges in place (in the words of the Iranian atomic agency bureaucrat). Both statements are true: Iran installs the centrifuges but doesn’t yet have them all operational.