Eighty years ago, “Jews, go to Palestine” was a common slogan in Germany and a common thought elsewhere in Europe. Recently, Spanish schoolchildren bombarded the Israeli Embassy with postcards suggesting that the Jews free Palestine for the Arabs. So that is a bit inconsistent. Short of extermination, Jews have to be either welcomed for assimilation in your societies, or helped in establishing a society of their own.

Not surprisingly, the Germans have evolved into supporters of Israel, which keeps the Jews of German descent, who are eligible for German citizenship, away from Germany. Certainly, German support for Israel is overrated, and trails far behind German cooperation with Iran. Certainly, the political correctness of institutionalized guilt plays a role. Certainly, the German intelligence community respect their Israeli colleagues. But most importantly, Germans have the good sense to recognize that Israel provides the only answer to the perennial Jewish problem. They do not want millions of Israeli Jews to come back to Europe, and neither should you want it.

Hardcore anti-Semites are generally right-wingers because they oppose leftist liberals. Nationalist Jews, too, have a significant problem with leftists. You do not want to tolerate Jewish aliens in your societies, and we do not want Muslim aliens in our country. And that provides yet another common ground between us: we both have a problem with Muslims. By defending Palestinian Arabs, you set up a higher standard for Muslims in your own countries. If we cannot kill Gazans who shell our towns, then surely you cannot profile Arabs in your airports. And it will really be a long time before some blue-eyed fellow named Andy hijacks one of your planes.

Similar behavior can be rooted in different reasons. Leftists are used to fighting reality and are consistently hateful; their liberalism is a mask for vengeful nihilism. Naturally, they have merged with hateful anti-Semites and justify their hatred of Israel with politically correct anti-colonialism. But do you, the anti-Semites, have to oppose colonialism? Saying yes sets you on a slippery path toward encouraging separatism. If Jews cannot take over Palestine, then California cannot take over Mexico, nor can Russia take over Tatarstan and Chechnya, nor Spain the Basque country. If colonialism is bad, then European settlers must vacate the New World for the benefit of those of its indigenous owners who remain. Instead, Jewish colonization of Palestine offers the world a chance to return to the historical norm, where the strong and civilized rule. In such a world, the US would occupy Iraqi oilfields rather than succumb to the OPEC oil racket.

I’m not going to argue about Jewish attachment to the Land of Israel, or our never-ending presence there for 3,500 years, ten times longer than America has existed and three times the age of Russia. Those issues are irrelevant to you, and I fully understand that. Rather, consider that you want Jews to become like other people. So let us behave like you did. Yes, we took over land settled by other people, but so did the Christian pioneers in America, and the Russians in their vast empire. Yes, we killed a lot of indigenous people, but so did you. Yes, we continued to annex lands when we could, but so did you with Mexican and Indian lands, or the Kuril Islands. By any real-life standards, we acquired a state by remarkably mild methods. Modestly armed pioneers, we staked this land, walled it off, and do not want any Palestinians here.

Do we have a right to this state? Did you have a right to the land of the Native Indians or Tatars? No one asked the Gauls whether they were a proper ethnic group deserving of a state. Nor do we ask the same question of the Palestinian Arabs, who are not a national group by any means. Any group may get a state if it can. We could. We did.

Perhaps the situation has changed? You, who subscribe to humanity’s oldest hatred—of Jews—know that morals persist. If human morality has changed in the last few decades, then liberals, pacifists, and apocalyptic preachers are right. They are wrong. Russia annexed Kurils seven decades ago, and Britain fought for the Falklands three decades back. California was annexed less than a century ago. Today, America does not annex anymore: it “projects power” and sets up puppet governments.

Millions have died in American wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Allow us to kill a few thousand Gazans quietly. The United States, Britain, and Russia sanctioned the expulsion of twelve million ethnic Germans from Poland and Czechoslovakia; Britain presided over a huge population transfer in Kashmir; good Americans moved their Native Indians to reservations rather atrociously. So look the other way while we expel some three million Arabs thirty miles away.

In the meantime, we indeed oppress the Arabs. Overtly, they show the highest economic and demographic growth rate, but they suffer in something more important: their national dignity. Well, so did the Native Indians and Chechens.

Imperialism is not a popular word today. A country the size of a county can hardly be called imperialist. And no empire liked us, anyway. Britain chipped three-fourths of the Mandate territory for the Transjordan princeling. The United States withdrew its UN vote in favor of creating Israel, embargoed weapons supplies to us during the Independence War, threatened to intervene on the side of Egypt against us in 1956 war, and did not begin to significantly help Israel until after we won the 1973 war. America gives more money to Egypt and the Palestinians combined than to Israel, and wasted a hundred times more in Iraq than it ever gave to Israel. In return, we serve as America’s Middle East bulldog.

We have the same troubles you do: legal aliens and illegal immigrants, multiculturalism and Arab terrorism, liberals and the UN. By pushing us, you encourage your own Muslims and liberals.

A proud nation with an excellent army, we just wish to be left alone.