Hamas-Fatah polarization is artificial. Their struggle is about the donors’ money: which group would embezzle it and whether the funds will pay salaries of Fatah or Hamas militias. In the Palestinian Gold Rush, Hamas relies on popular opinion and rogue Muslim regimes, while the locally discredited Fatah clings to Israel and the West for paternal protection. Hamas tenders to Muslim dreams with anti-Israeli slogans, while Fatah caters to Western dreams with pro-Israeli declarations. When addressing fellow Muslims, Fatah is stringently anti-Israeli just like Hamas. Prostituting Abbas is ready to put his tongue and pen on Israeli TV and the peace treaty, respectively, to remain in charge of the billions of dollars of aid. He stands tall and ready to fight Hamas to death for the aid money.

The best generic prescription in any war is attritting your enemy. That includes economic attrition and fully applies to the Arab enemy. “To stop the civil bloodshed in Palestine,” Israel must end her payments to the PLO, and do her utmost to stop and intercept the foreign payments.

With rockets, RPGs, mortars, grenades, and machine guns, Palestinian warriors killed only about three dozens of each other. A formidable enemy, indeed.