[This a reply to an article by the UK Ambassador to Israel.]

I would venture an answer to your rhetorical question, “What is the alternative if Israel is to remain a democratic state with a significant Jewish majority?”

1. Judea and Samaria are core Jewish areas. If tomorrow the Muslim population of London would exceed 20%, I bet English people will seek the solutions other than divesting from their capital. In the Falklands affair, your country went to war rather than abandoning its territories which, by any means, are not essential to your security or national conscience.

2. The West Bank’s Palestinian population is not particularly large. When statistical tricks are discounted, we’re talking of less than two million people, which would only double Israel’s non-Jewish population.

3. Demographic threat to Israel’s Jewish character exists regardless of the territories. Muslims already constitute 34% among Israel’s young and will form the largest Knesset faction fairly soon. Divesting of Judea and Samaria does not solve the problem. The answer lies in the solution which your country supported in regard to Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Germany – population exchange.

4. Most of Judea and Samaria can be annexed to Israel without a significant displacement of indigenous inhabitants because 1% of Palestinian Arabs live on 56% of the West Bank.

5. Abandoning the West Bank creates more problems for Israel than it solves. Lacking a tradition of obedience to government, Palestinians will remain a lawless society for decades. If Lebanon cannot enforce ceasefire with Israel, Palestine would be much less capable of doing so. Immediately upon the IDF withdrawal, Iranians will take over Palestine. Even if some arrangement is worked out with Iran, nothing precludes splinter terrorist organizations from targeting Israel with rockets.

We must recognize that some areas are inherently ungovernable, not ready for statehood – and it is our White Man’s Burden to control them.