[Israeli High Court allows Palestinians to sue IDF.]

The court distilled Israeli absurdities into a legal brief. The Israeli government is bent on the peace process and refuses to give the military operations in Gaza their proper name – war. So the court does not apply wartime laws. The government refuses to call the Palestinians what they are – enemies. So the court treats them as innocent civilians. The government refuses to call Gaza, Judea, and Samaria Jewish lands, and the court classifies them as occupied territories. Peaceful civilians in the occupied territories deserve due process. None of that applies to the home front of Palestinian terrorists.

No country allows foreign civilians to sue its soldiers back home. Did the inhabitants of Mogadishu file cases in a Washington court after US helicopters destroyed their homes in the Black Hawk Down incident? Or, for that matter, can Jews from Sderot sue the Hamas in Palestine? Hamas shells Sderot with legal impunity; the IDF is sued for retaliation. I thought we had left the ghettos.

Palestinians, assisted by Israeli leftists, have already filed hundreds of cases against IDF. How could the army possibly prove that a bombed house sheltered terrorists? How could it prove the honest mistake of missing a target? What Israeli court would allow for the fact that tired, anxious soldiers do make mistakes?

The Israeli high court sided with Israeli communists and foreign liberals. As honest Jews see the institution, it is neither high, nor a court.