Israel’s penchant for considering UN opinion is amazing. A body with 50-plus Muslim members obviously does not favor the Jewish state. A body with outfits like Saudi Arabia on its Human Rights Commission is ridiculous. A body where the United States and Tuvalu have equal votes is impractical.

Scores of countries disregard UN pronouncements. Indeed, all Israeli wars stemmed from Arab refusals to observe UN resolutions, and UN refusals to enforce them. The game of obedience to the UN is lopsided against Israel.

International politics come from Washington, also perhaps from Paris. The UN is a bunch of tribal chiefs, petty dictators, and other barbarians. Why pay them any attention? Did some conference of Near East kingdoms restrain Rome? Did the Africans restrain the British Empire? UN decisions are practical only when they concur with the balance of power, so consider the balance of power and recognize that the UN is an irrelevant mob.

What civilized country would pay attention to an organization in which underdeveloped African and Muslim countries are the majority? This is not about racism. The issue is why Israel should submit to their authority. They are not stronger than the Jews or the West, no more just, no smarter, not more cultured or educated. Just why should we listen to them? Let the petty UN members govern themselves and take care of their own incessant wars.

Frankly, the major powers founded the United Nations as an instrument for coordinating others, not so sovereign barbarians could dictate their will to the civilized and the strong. Tribal entities express their opinions by ritual dancing around a fire.

What decent country ever relied on some “international community” to establish its borders? Is Israel a colony whose borders are established by imperial power? Even so, the original Balfour plan allocated all of Palestine and Jordan for the Jewish state. Borders are a graphic representation of the power equilibrium. Grab as much land as you can. Forget the UN.