A chimp-like Libyan dictator offered an alternative to the Saudi peace plan: a single Jewish-Palestinian state. Gaddafi’s very appearance assured the rejection of his offer, as no one contemplates rewarding his talk with more than a sugar piece or a tasty banana. This time, however, the absurd offer is entirely acceptable to Israel. We must annex Judea and Samaria.

What will the Palestinians say? Who cares? Most will be happy, at least at first, as Israel offers those impoverished terrorist-supporters economic opportunities to work and steal. Some will fight, but they are fighting us anyway, and will continue to fight even if they obtain a Palestinian state. Annexation would ease Israel’s anti-terrorist operations, reducing them from military to police work.

Arab states will be glad the Palestinian issue, while formally resolved, is still smoldering so as to continue distracting their domestic radicals. In truth, other Arabs don’t want a Palestinian state, which they understand would become a safe haven for their own terrorists.

Israel must be careful not to annex Gaza, with its socially degraded Arabs. A Hamas state there should be encouraged, and the West Bank radicals expelled there. Sort of like a zoo.

Would the world accept annexation? It keeps quiet about the annexed Golan Heights. Annexing an aggressor’s land is de facto legal: consider the Kuril Islands, the Karelia, Polish, and Czech border rectifications, and the American annexation of a third of Mexico in response to guerrilla incursions. Annexation is a proper means of punishing an aggressor, and Palestinians have been conducting terrorist attacks on the Jewish state for decades.

In a curious feat of racism, Israeli leftists reject annexation of the core Jewish land (Judea and Samaria) because that would shift the demographic balance inside Israel. Not much. Realistically, the Arab population of Judea and Samaria is 1.5 to 2 million heads. Even compounded with 1.5 million Arabs in Israel, that still leaves Jews a majority.

It would be so easy to get rid of the Arabs by perfectly legal means, without the questionable use of force. The Palestinians enjoy rioting. Pelting Israeli police with stones and Molotov cocktails has become their version of Disney vacations. That’s an opportunity. Legislate a fixed punishment for participating in riots, twenty-five years in jail, flat. But make it commutable to banishment. After every riot, round up a few thousand Arabs and sentence them to a quarter century in jail, but offer them the alternative of abandoning their Israeli citizenship and leaving the country immediately; most will go.

To prompt them to riot still more massively, abandon judicial pre-approval for house demolitions. The Arabs have built hundreds of thousands of housing units illegally. For our purposes of dressing their eviction in legal terms, it doesn’t matter that the Israeli government consistently refused re-zoning approval to Arab villages, which forced them to build illegally. Or that we provoked them still more by turning a blind eye to the illegal Arab (but not Jewish) construction. Today, to demolish an illegal building, the government has to file a court petition and wait for years for the decision; in many cases, courts evade responsibility and use any pretext for not issuing eviction orders. The procedure should become administrative rather than judicial. As long as a citizen cannot produce a title for his house, he is not an owner, and the house should be considered an abandoned property by default. The government should have the legal right to demolish any non-titled housing, and should do so on sight. When Israeli bulldozers leave hundreds of thousands of Arabs homeless, they will either get the message and leave our country, or they will riot, be sentenced, and leave it anyway, as a way of avoiding a twenty-five-year-long prison term.

Israel can have both: the West Bank and a country with a minimal number of Arabs.