Israel has a Christian problem. Its obvious aspect is the hordes of Orthodox Christians throughout Israel. Besides the obvious displeasure of seeing pork-eating, cross-wearing individuals in the Land of Israel, there is a huge difference in our attitude toward American and Russian Christians. Russian Christians killed us; many Russian Christians killed many Jews. That is not the case with American Christians. Add to that the natural displeasure of someone fooling you openly. Russian Christians came to Israel on forged documents and on the account of non-existent Jewish great-grandparents. Some genuinely wanted to integrate into Jewish community. The children of some Russian Christians will be very good Jews. The vast majority of them, however, have nothing to do with Jewish people. More precisely, they have a lot to do with the Jewish people: their ancestors killed Jews, as will their descendants. The Russian Christians in Israel are eagerly anti-Arab—they are always anti-someone—but they are not pro-Jewish. Hebron and Jerusalem mean nothing to them; they mean nothing to many Jews, too, but that’s a matter of education.

Russia’s military cooperation with Arab enemies of Israel makes Israeli Orthodox Christians a fifth column. Non-integrated, voting for Russian parties and watching Russian TV, they sympathize with Russia even when they despise its poverty and communists. The totalitarian anti-Semite Putin is very popular among the Israeli Russian Christians, though he is an enemy of Israel beyond any doubt.

Orthodox Christians greatly influence Israeli society: from their vodka-drinking pork-eating culture to the Russian money to neo-Nazis to crime. Often ignored, the Orthodox Church owns huge parcels of land in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel. It would be only natural for Israel to confiscate them: Russia confiscated almost all synagogues. The post-communist government returned all the surviving churches to the Church, but very few synagogues to the Jews. Russia (and Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, etc.) confiscated the property of the Jews murdered by Nazis and their Slavic collaborators. Israel, however, not only honors the absurd rights of the Greek Orthodox Church, but awards Putin new land plots in “sensitive” areas of Jerusalem. I hate that Newspeak. The areas are sacred, not sensitive.

There are a million people in Israel who are closer to being Slavs than Jews.

the Russians have come to Israel