All Israelis know how corrupt the establishment is. We know how the big parties distribute government sinecures and jobs in semi-governmental organizations to their supporters. How deeply connected the oligarchs are and how much they influence the politicians they bankroll. That many oligarchs and the politicians they sponsor care more about the opinions of their foreign partners than the needs of the Jewish state. That demagogue politicians cater to mass audiences of welfare recipients whose outlook is hardly Jewish at all.

We know that good people do not come to power. That the road to the Knesset is cobbled with compromises. That political donations have to be repaid many times over. That egomaniac party leaders push out possible competitors and stuff the parties with drones. That ambitious politicians have to form their own parties, fragment the spectrum, form odd coalitions, and wander out on an unpredictable course.

We know that radical, uncompromising politicians cannot attract donations. That donating to anti-establishment parties cuts entrepreneurs out of lucrative government contracts. That the media shy from uncomfortable truths and prefer to keep their idiot audience tranquil and happy.

We know the Jewish barons usurped the communities’ voices. That the people who often got their riches by every imaginable kind of crime, who are Jewish only in public pronouncements, lead the communities and decide on the matter of life, death, and existence.

We know the Jewish state we have longed for for two millennia is deterioratings into an abomination. And we keep silent. A nation of priests, unable to lead itself.