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The peace to end all Jews

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On December 17, 2009 @ 9:50 am In peace process | 2 Comments

Britain only allowed about 35,000 Jews to legally enter Palestine during the Holocaust. When Revisionist Jews smuggled small numbers of Jewish refugees into Palestine, the British threatened to offset the aliyah by cutting the legal immigration quota.

Britain and the US rejected the German offer to exchange a million Jewish lives for 10,000 trucks as blackmail. It was a nice posturing for the international WASP establishment to stand firm in the face of German extortion at the expense of Jews. As if to laugh at the Jewish faces, in the Europa affair Roosevelt offered to deposit money for Germans in a Swiss bank, for them to claim it after the war—an offer which Germans naturally took for ridiculous, and proceeded with the slaughter.

Kuwait is an American client to the extent that the US Army spared it from Iraq’s just vengeance. But Kuwait was a major base for the PLO, and even taxed local Palestinians for the PLO’s benefit. The Americans had no problem with their intimate client hosting Israel’s mortal enemy.

Lebanon heavily depends on the US and France for its continued independence from Syria, but has renounced a short-lived peace treaty with Israel. Iraq, a country under American heel, has refused diplomatic relations with Israel.

No American president can be so stupid as to imagine that Israel can survive within the eight-mile-wide borders that the peace process imposes on her.

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