24,000 of Rabbi Akiva’s students reportedly joined Bar Kochba’s revolt. Many modern ultra-Orthodoxes (haredim) bravely fight in the Israeli army. With the sanction of haredi leaders, they confronted the gay parade in Jerusalem. The best thing about haredim is that they don’t look back: they are not concerned with secular law, democracy, or leftist morals. Even if all other Jews assimilated, the haredim would remain a combustable mass, ready to explode upon the call of a revered rabbi. They can clear the Temple Mount, disregarding the Muslim reaction, or expunge the Arabs from Israel without regard to the American position. Decent rabbis are rare, but sometimes great ones come along. Rabbi Kook established the settler movement, and another rabbi of similar caliber could call for the liberation of the Land of Israel from Arabs and leftists.

Religious Jews will dominate Israel within two generations. They currently constitute 20 percent of Israeli Jews, but have a fertility ratio close to 5 percent, while secular Jews hardly break even. The next generation will see the number of religious Jews doubling while the secular population remains constant; a third of Israel will be religious. Assimilation is wiping out secular Jews in the Diaspora, so religious Jews could form the majority by 2050, when the generation of the 1960s-70s will step down without leaving heirs who are legally or practically Jewish.
Israeli politicians have been discredited. The nation can only rally around a charismatic rabbi, and the haredim can spearhead the thrust.

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