The world screamed when Dr. Baruch Goldstein reportedly shot 154 Arab worshipers in the Jewish holy place in Hebron. The Kach Party he belonged to was banned in Israel, America, and elsewhere even though it had no operational link with the incident. Israel engaged in self-flagellation, including a high-level Shamgar Commission inquiry. Google shows 65,000 pages about Dr. Goldstein.
A less conspicuous event took place on Thursday: an Israeli Arab walked into the major religious Zionist school and shot nineteen people, mostly teenage students. They were not exactly worshiping at the moment, but some of them died with Hebrew holy books in hands, stained with young martyrs’ blood.

UN Security Council refused to condemn the massacre. The world’s leaders, as usual, expressed their admiration for the dead Jews. And then nothing changed. No high-level commissions, nothing. Israeli police rushed to announce that the murderer acted alone, even though someone obviously gave him the expensive automatic rifle with a large number of cartridges.

It is outrageous when Jews kill others. It is normal when others kill Jews. The government never liked yeshiva students, anyway. That it was an attack by an East Jerusalem Arab reinforces the government’s policy of divesting from that troublesome area. The mass murder also gives the Israeli government a bit more international acquiescence in the Gaza invasion.

It takes a lot of bravery and hatred to conduct a mass shooting alone. Doubt that? How many Israelis have stood up to shoot Shimon Peres, whom just everyone despises? The lack of hatred, the lack of courage… So how did an Arab villager manage such a horrendous but nevertheless brave act?

His hatred was twofold. Generally he hated Jews who, he honestly thought, stole his land. His village was in Muslim country before, in a Jewish country now. No amount of Israeli propaganda can change that fact. And all the liberal education that Jews bestowed on him taught the Arab one thing: that nationalism is noble and the country is worth fighting for. The Jews imagined they taught the Arab their history, but he readily applied their doctrines to his own history.

Then, it was the Arab labor. The yeshiva employed the Arab as a driver. That was a shame for Rav Kook’s disciples. Religious Jews, of course, treated their Arab driver a bit better than a swine. They were masters, and he was, to put it mildly, a worker. Someone who lacks the divine soul which Jews have. No doubt he was treated politely—but with unmistakable disdain which he couldn’t fail to miss. Not that the Jews were wrong to treat him thus; they were wrong to employ a despised human being—one who could reasonably be expected to hit back eventually.

As the Arab’s family told journalists, he was depressed by news of the Israeli invasion of Gaza and massive killings there. And his attitude, though factually wrong, is understandable: Israel daily sends signals that we have no right to this land. The government abandons Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. Step by step, Palestinians reclaim “their” land: Schem, Hebron. Even the Jews, the leftists, agree that the Arabs are right and join their demonstrations. Israel ran from Gaza and jailed the Jews who protested that move. How could Israel be possibly right in invading Gaza now, in killing the Arab’s brethren? That they bombarded Sderot and Ashkelon with rockets is irrelevant. They only demanded forcibly what is rightfully theirs and what the Zionist state refused them: Palestinian statehood. Even the Zionists have long agreed to Palestinian statehood, but now wickedly drag out the negotiations. And so in the Arabs’ eyes, Hamas was right to shell Israel, to get what is rightfully theirs, what even the Zionists have conceded is the Palestinian land.

You don’t play games with your enemies.