Fundamentalism is attractive. Protestants – Christian fundamentalists – are respected, and Muslims respect their fundamentalists. In the world of discredited democracy, fundamentalism is associated with honesty, absence of corruption, and moral values.

Torah is an excellent code of common law, precedents, and customs. It remains an actionable legal document. Secular jurists devised a system of formal law, whereas each law is explicitly listed, and nothing else. That system failed: a legal system which rejects customs and relies exclusively on formal laws is doomed to be driven over the edge. Where the customs and common sense are disregarded, attorneys dominate justice and righteousness becomes a matter of legal tricks. Formal law permits gay marriage and only the leftovers of common sense still prohibit incest. The Roman law, taken as a model for modern legal systems, was only superficially codified: judges had great latitude in applying it, thus the importance of orations. Ancient attorneys spoke of commonsense matters, not resorted to trickery as their modern colleagues.