The heroes of Purim are two assimilated Jews from notoriously wicked tribe of Binyamin. To all purposes, they were secular, because living in Persian king’s palace left no opportunity for Jewish lifestyle. Their names are slightly Hebraized spellings of pagan deities names, Marduk and Astarte. The scroll of Esther doesn’t mention the divine name, as do other books of the Bible. The heroes were political collaborationists who joined the enemy of the Jews. They were tolerant, liberal – archetypical leftists. Yet in the critical moment, Mordechai and Esther abandoned their secularism, leftism, risked the employment and life itself. They did not merely prove loyal to Jewish cause, but helped the Jews to rob and kill our enemy’s civilians, Mordechai and Esther’s recent friends.
Secular assimilated British Jews bravely fought with Zhabotinsky in the Jewish Legion. Secular Jews fought all Israel’s wars. Even the corrupt politicians have red lines they are averse to crossing. Behind the facade of leftism, many Knesset members oppose concessions to Arabs. 58% of the MK’s voted on a recent bill that prohibits giveaway of Golans other than through referendum.
No Jew is lost to the Jewish cause. Just wait for sufficiently critical circumstances.