[At a conference in Ariel, small right wing Jewish groups tried to coordinate their activities.]

In a textbook account of the Russian revolution, navy sailor Anatoly Zheleznyakov ended the short liberal era and dispersed the parliament at 4:00 A.M. with, “Please finish. The guard is tired and wants to sleep.”

Russian liberals failed to grasp that a systemic crisis calls for radical solutions, not moderation. Their goals were correct, but their conferences irrelevant, their solutions theoretical. The Israeli Right treads the same path.

A conference in Ariel excluded the followers of Meir Kahane, the only people on the right who know what a Jewish state is and what must be done to create it. The conferencing right-wingers wanted to look civil, moderate, and acceptable to the Israeli establishment. They set polite goals, such as rejecting giveaways of Israeli land to the Palestinians. The only fine point they did not consider was, Why would the government listen to them? Voters on the right are few and not swingers. The Israeli government just does not care for their opinion.

Ariel Eldad noted correctly that only force could convince the government. Yet Moshe Feiglin’s example showed that a few arrests counter moderate force.

Israeli society is long past democratic measures or even non-violent protests. No arguments will convince Israeli leftists and cowards. No demonstrations will change the course of the assimilationist government.

Bolsheviks constituted hardly 0.01% of the Russian population, yet they finished the old order off. A few thousand Israelis could do away with the treacherous government and change the course of the Jewish state, provided they abandon moderation.

Two approaches could work. One is to change Israel’s policy and government by non-democratic means. Another is to abandon decomposing Israel and to establish a second. truly Jewish state in Judea and Samaria. No other options are worth the paper to write them down.