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The Green Line madness

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On August 26, 2006 @ 7:32 pm In settlers | 2 Comments

Leftists imagine that if Israel retreats behind the Green Line, peace will follow. Little could be more ridiculous. The Israeli left and the Arabs understand the Green Line differently. The Green Line, as the Arabs see it, goes through Jerusalem. Israel will have to partition her capital. After a few years, demographic changes [1] inside Israel will put Galilee outside the Green Line. Shall we give it away, too?

Retreating and giving way to the Arabs will not bring Israel peace. No country has ever traded land for peace. Israeli compromises embolden the Arabs to ask for more. After obtaining a Palestinian state, they will ask for compensation and the right of return for descendants of the refugees.

Show strength to make peace. States are built on threats, not goodwill. States exploit each other’s weakness and cooperate only as the second-best option. Strength must be unqualified. Arabs see Israel as powerful but weak, because she imposes idealistic moral constraints on herself. There is another way to peace: make cooperation with Israel feasible for the Arabs. Syria arms Hezbollah, and Hezbollah pushed Syria out of Lebanon. Europeans are idealistic and divide the world between friends and enemies. Arabs deal with others as opportunity arises and may cooperate with Israel regardless of the enmity.

The economic cooperation Israel offered earlier means nothing to the Arabs. They can get much more from the major powers that court them and for nothing. Military cooperation matters. The Arabs have bought plenty of low-end weapons from Russia and are now buying from China. Most of them do not significantly endanger Israel. She could mass-manufacture second-tier arms and supply them to the Muslims. Israel has a good military reputation, and Muslims would rather buy from her rather than from China. Ideological expansion is by far the most efficient way to wage war. Nothing breaks the enemy’s will to fight like propaganda.

Arabs do not feel some metaphysical attachment to Islam, just a communal ideology like many others. There are few religious zealots in Muslim countries. The Central Asian countries were atheist during Soviet rule. Western consumerism conquered the minds of the Soviet people and will similarly poison the Muslims. Their religious leaders feel the threat and attack Western ideology. The proper response for the West is to intensify the propaganda rather than to retreat from the Islamic world. Propaganda is a weapon; if you have it, use it even though the other side screams bloody murder. Satellite broadcasting, subsidized movie shows, free glossy magazines—particularly pornographic—will eventually break Muslim anti-Western sentiment down.

Jews moved into the Middle East like someone moving into an inner-city neighborhood full of paupers and bandits. Closing the door is one way to live, rare fights with the neighbors are still better, but the best option is to convert them.

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