The US Congress passed a bill on port security. The bill proves that big state enthusiasts will misuse security matters to jack up tgovernment spending. The port security measures make no sense. The US border is huge and transparent in many places; it cannot be efficiently closed. The security measures would only work for law-abiding companies that have their cargo inspected at considerable cost. The legislation won’t impede terrorist operations.

Radiological control is useless. Terrorists could as well detonate a nuclear charge on arrival before the checkpoint. Or fly the nuke into any American city in a private jet from a low-security country. Nuclear weapons need not be delivered with precision. The same holds for chemical or biological weapons. As for conventional explosives, no one would import them by sea but buy them locally. To be on the safe side, terrorists need only register a demolition company and buy the explosives legally. For demolition indeed.

Are the voters really as stupid as Congress thinks they are?