America has no business aiding Israel. The attempts to achieve for Israel closer ties with the US are a disservice to Jewish people. America will never, ever pursue Jewish interests as they are irrelevant to US voters and establishment alike. America embargoed weapons shipments to Israel during the Independence War, threatened intervention on Egypt’s behalf in the 1956 war, had operational plans for landing its troops in Sinai to defend Egypt in 1967, barred Israel from preemption in 1973 (and only shipped Israel weapons after we won the war), forced Israel to abandon Sinai, and now pushes us into the suicidal peace process. America gives more aid to Egypt and Palestine than Israel, fought for Kuwait but never for Israel, and has spent more in Iraq than the total aid to Israel since inception.

That is only natural, as we cannot expect America to care about the Jewish state. Why would the WASP establishment care, if Jews don’t? Polls indicate that American Jews overwhelmingly support the peace process and oppose war with Iran. No one hates Israel like American Jews: they want to prove to their Gentile friends that they are not too Jewish, and so they side with Arabs. They are trying to show that Jews are exactly like others; but the Jewish state is not like other states. And so most American Jews support a “democratic” Israel where Arabs enjoy equal rights with Jews: that is, the right to breed and vote the Jewish state out of existence.

The support Israel now enjoys from America is a self-delusion. The US vetoed many UN resolutions which condemned Israel. But the very likelihood of such vetoes allows other UNSC members to behave more radically: they vote pro-Left and pro-Arab, knowing that the resolutions won’t pass. The US vetoes keep Israel in the UN while a stream of empty anti-Israeli resolutions would have forced Israel out of that barbarian conference and ended Israeli adherence to such UN-sponsored nonsense as the 1956 borders. The UN consistently fails to enforce sanctions against Iran, an international pariah; the chance of effective sanctions against Israel is infinitesimal. If Israel doesn’t follow South Africa’s path of decades-long oppression of aborigines, but ends the Arab demographic problem swiftly and ruthlessly, in a few years there will be no prospect of sanctions.

From 1948 to 1972, Israel survived with no official sponsor. We played with France, Germany, America, even the Soviet satelite Romania, and survived. Arab loyalty is non-existent and allegiance is prohibitively expensive; many countries would find it cheaper to buy regional influence by aiding Israel than the Arabs. America aids Israel to control her, and to brandish that control before the Arabs, extracting concessions from them. Control over Israel gives America great leverage in relations with every Arab country; aid to Israel is an excellent investment. Not only the US, but other countries too, realize that and would ally themselves with Israel. In a show of absurd loyalty, Israel sticks to America, but America sells her at every corner—for oil.

Russia cannot give Israel much aid, but can supply advanced weaponry much more cheaply than America, and provide excellent support in the UN. Russia’s military credibility among Arabs is much higher than America’s; Arabs don’t hesitate to terrorize the American pawn, but would shrink from attacking Russia’s client state.

There is also France, boiling with imperial ambitions but unable to woo the Arab states away from America. Through an alliance with France, Israel can extract diplomatic support and considerable aid from the EU.

And there are China and India.

Israel pays with real concessions for fictitious American support. The US needs to show its Arab clients its power over Israel, and kicks her around just for the fun of it: witness the squabble over a few dozen hamlets frightfully dubbed “illegal outposts.” As if the Arab attacks on Israel from 1929 onwards have had anything to do with those hamlets erected as a protest against the Oslo capitulation. American politicians sell Israel to placate the Arabs, such as by boosting the peace process after the Iraqi debacle. The likes of Carter and Rice use Israel to vindicate their silly theories, and Clinton pushed for the peace process to cover his deviant conduct. If not for US pressure, Israeli governments wouldn’t even think of partitioning Jerusalem and giving the Arabs Judea and Samaria.

Incidentally, our tactical goals partially agree with a major aim of American anti-Semites: divestment from Israel. For utterly different reasons, we too believe that Israel must relinquish US aid and live on her own. Financial responsibility would signify the return to Israel’s fundamental political doctrine: Only the IDF is responsible for Israel’s safety. Israel doesn’t need Star Wars weapons to extinguish Palestinian terrorism; good old napalm will do. Israel need no cutting-edge weapons against regular Arab armies; nuclear bombs are good enough.

Rough, self-reliant, arrogant Israel has a good chance for a lasting armistice with neighboring Arabs. Israel the American client has no chance for lasting peace.

We have already tried relying on Assyria.