The ghetto is not about weakness or isolation; Jews don’t seek physical strength or intermingling. The ghetto is about fear: the fear of staying in and the fear of moving out. Witness the life in Israel.

The settlements offer much higher quality of life than crowded, expensive Israeli cities. Most Jews, however, are afraid to live there. The excuses are irrational. Uncertainty? Israeli government will certainly reimburse the price of houses if evacuating the settlements. Insecurity? Suicide attacks are more common in Israel than in the settlements. Road conditions? Stoning incidents are less common than car accidents in Israel proper. Most Israelis have never been to the settlements but only listen to frightening media reports and rumors.

Forget the settlements, it’s frightful enough inside Israel. Jews at the north wait for Hezbollah to resume the attacks. Jews at the south wait for Hamas to improve the Kassam missiles to reliably target Ashkelon. Jews everywhere in Israel live under the threat of Syrian missiles. One man, Assad could order the Syrian army to attack Israel just because he woke up in a bad mood. This time, it won’t be even a matter of Syrian tanks rushing against a 40-mile-wide Israel. Syria can launch hundreds of SCUD missiles simultaneously, rendering Israeli defenses useless. Russian anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles will drastically limit Israeli reprisal. A year or two from now, Syria will count on the nuclear Iran’s protection.

Life in ghettos notoriously twisted Jewish mentality. Israelis are similarly suicidal. The facts are well known: Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria accumulate missiles; Iran develops nuclear weapons; Netanyahu had abandoned Hebron. Syria did not recognize Israel, and Netanyahu did not renounce the Wye River Memorandum. Ghetto Jews ignored the facts during the Holocaust. Israeli Jews ignore the facts now.