It’s always hard for me to talk to the Christians who are sympathetic to Jews. Those pure people really want to help, and are eager to rectify the wrongs done. But, honestly, what could I ask for? Their political and financial support is wasted through the treacherous policies of the anti-Semitic Israeli government. How could I explain to those nice people in an hour or two the perennial catastrophe of Jewish renegades? It eludes their understanding that they, Christians, worry about the Jewish state more than its own elected government. They ask me why do we give away core Jewish lands to Arabs, why do we attempt to placate our implacable enemies, and why do we abandon Judaism in favor of a run-of-the-mill copy of Western pop-culture.

Foreigners do not understand that most Jews are not the raging and proud mob that conquered Canaan three thousand years ago. Broken by centuries of exile, they assembled in the Promised Land to die out comfortably. After the persecutions, the Holocaust, and the Russian transfer to Siberia, the Exile Jews expect to die. Like a dying animal, they flocked to the birthplace of the nation and ran out of steam at the beaches of Tel Aviv. They fight so well specifically because every war is apocalyptic.

Strong and proud Jews, such as those who pioneered the early Zionist settlements in Palestine, who take Jewish nationalism for granted without engaging in scholastic captiousness, are an exception. The generation of Hebrew slaves wasn’t allowed into Canaan, but died in Sinai. Eastern European Jews, slavishly obedient to government, and American Jews, slaves to social status, subverted Israel. I’m ashamed that Jews destroy Israel to the astonishment of well-wishing Gentiles. A new generation of Jews, the part of it which won’t emigrate or become brainwashed into democratic madness, might change Israel’s courseā€”if there would be anything to save.