Now Sderot – well within Israel’s 1967 borders – is showered with rockets, yet the Israeli response is inadequate. Instead of making Gaza scorched earth, as any other nation would do in response to such attacks, Israel thinks of retaking the Egyptian-Palestinian border. What other country would guard its enemy’s borders? Egypt, Israel’s peace partner and a state with a strong police apparatus, doesn’t stop arms trafficking to the Palestinian guerrillas. What more evidence do we need of Egyptian complicity in the Muslim war against Israel? Hostile Egypt, hostile Palestine – do Jews really imagine a lasting peace with them? If not, why let Egypt build up an army with weapons of mass destruction? Why accept a Palestinian state, a guerrilla training camp with sovereign immunity?

Rockets fall on Sderot, not Tel Aviv. Someone else’s house is burning, not ours. A batch of Jews is shot; others await their turn before the death squad. The Israeli mentality is that of dead people; they accept being killed and are thankful for whatever delay they get. Jews are not concerned about being killed later, just relieved they are not killed now. They are relieved at the news that Jews are being killed: not me, I’m alive! Jews understand that murderers do their job, accept national aspirations for a J”udenrein Germany or Palestine, and cooperate with their murderers.

Would Americans sit silently by if a neighboring nation routinely kills Americans on American soil? What would be the American response if Mexican guerrillas attacked the US? We know the response: Texas and California.