Leftists have a habit of micro-analysis. They analyze only the last steps without seeing them as consequences of earlier decisions or the macro picture. They demand that Israel give back the Golan Heights without realizing that their occupation was not an Israeli offense, the primary wrong, but rather Israel’s way of defending herself, undoing Syria’s wrong. It’s like complaining of the police violently arresting a person while ignoring the fact that he is a wanted criminal.

The left ignores the big picture: they demand that Israel accommodates her Arabs. However, the Arab presence in Israel is only an uncompleted part of the exchange of populations: Israel took Jews from Arab countries, and Arab countries should take Arabs from Israel.

The habit of micro-analysis works against a suffering person or a state. Every step is taken for a blank slate, and good people are precluded from retaliating for past, or even recent offenses. Such restraint provokes aggression. Not only does the world scream at Israel for avenging the 1929 Hebron deaths, but avenging yesterday’s casualties of rocket attacks in Sderot with today’s military operations in Gaza is deemed wrong. Arabs are lightly admonished for attacking Israel, and then Israel is lambasted for retaliation.

Consider another example. Jews claim the Promised Land from the Nile to Euphrates. The League of Nations allocated us a modest strip of that land, which included Transjordan. The British stole ¾ of that land to make a kingdom of Jordan for a few Bedouin. Jews swallowed the bitter pill and accepted the partition. But then, acting as if no Arab state had been carved out of the Jewish homeland, the UN carved a Palestinian state from what remained of Israel. After the Jews agreed to that too, the world now demands that Jews effectively give away the rest of our country by allowing Israeli Arabs to breed to majority.

Another instance of micro-analysis is the demand for Arab equality in Israel. Why in Israel? Let’s consider Arab-Jewish equality in the Middle East: Arabs have twenty-two countries with no Jews whatsoever, so the presence of a single Jewish country without Arabs doesn’t seem like an inequality. Just realize that Israeli Arabs are just a part of the large Arab ethnos. The leftist Supreme Court pressed the micro-analysis even further when it mandated Jewish villages to admit Arab residents; now Jews cannot escape the Arab presence even in secluded locations. On the ultimate micro-level—the family—the issue of equality also persists: no Israeli newspaper would publish “Arabs need not apply” in marriage classifieds for Jewish girls.

The micro-analysis allows leftists to concentrate on soft targets. There is plenty of evil around in this world, and wicked people are not susceptible to moralizing. No leftist ever tried to demand that Arab countries compensate the Jews who fled them around 1948 for the property they left behind. It is much easier to push the Jews to allow the fourth generation of Arab refugees back in. Micro-analysis thus always benefits the wicked, as it prompts the moralizers to switch their attention away from the big picture of the real, hate-filled world onto the pockets of good people who try to isolate themselves from it. Micro-analysis attacks the less-than-ideal attitudes of good people instead of wasting its time on the immense atrocities of the wicked.

The left’s micro-view is their inbuilt characteristic. Leftists are primitive rationalists; their major premise is that every social issue can be analyzed, understood, planned, and solved. In such tremendously complex adaptive systems as societies, the described attitude requires the leftists to decidedly simplify everything. To them, Israel confronts some Palestinians, rather than Jews confronting the Muslim avant-garde of the anti-Semitic world. The left dwell on radically simplified issues stripped of context because they are unable to apply their trademark analysis-design to the complex world.

And so they destroy the Jewish world of complexities.

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