I dislike Moshe Katsav as I do any corrupt, unprincipled, sleazy politico. The current witch-hunt after him, however, is ludicrous. In secular Israeli society, extramarital sex is the least offense imaginable. In corrupt Israeli politics, sex with an office worker is next to nothing compared to the flourishing nepotism and fraudulent sinecures. Coercing someone for sex is less a crime than coercing the Jews to leave Gush Katif.

Many Israeli politicians and bureaucrats have sexual relations with their office workers. Even Ben Gurion was less than discreet about sex. Katsav coerced a girl; others rape the Jewish state.

Olmert has made clear how “centrist” he is by supporting Shimon Peres for president. What’s good about Peres? The Oslo process proved a fiasco. Palestinians disregard the commitments, and Israelis detest the concessions. The doctrine equating the peace process with Israeli concessions took a blow after the Gaza evacuation. Peres is not on the record with more sensible ideas.

Peres promotes peace at the cost of the Jewish state. So far, we’re losing the Jewish state, but not winning peace. What Peres sees as settlement, the Arabs consider capitulation. What is peace process to Peres, is stream of victories to Arabs—and they are emboldened.

Peres is a Nobel Prize winner. So was Arafat. Honest Palestinians rejected Arafat’s Oslo commitments. Are there enough honest Jews to reject Peres?