Politically correct policies misallocate scarce resources. Passengers waste hundreds of millions of hours in airport security measures, and hundreds of thousands of airline employees spend comparable time on security-related routines. That time translates into tens of billions dollars of lost GDP worldwide annually. Security degenerates into absurdity, such as prohibiting toothpaste and nail clippers in carry-on luggage or requiring passengers to show a doctor’s prescription for their drugs. As if the terrorists would have any problem faking a prescription.

Passive security does not work. Unlike the fortresses of the old, airports are too large to be guarded efficiently. Terrorists can strike in terminals, check transit luggage in low-security airports, or shoot missiles through flimsy walls at planes idling at the outskirts of airports. Airport terrorism cannot be prevented unless we call a spade a spade.

“Terrorism” is a meaningless overgeneralization. In airports, there is Muslim, specifically Arab terrorism. Blond guys named Andy do not blow up planes. Jews, Christians, and blacks do not bring explosives aboard (an Arab’s Swedish girlfriend once did). The problem is the Arabs in our cities, not terrorism in our airports.

Africans are dirt poor, are living through the breakdown of paternalistic societies and traditional values, are exposed to the outside culture, and have long been humiliated by white people. Yet Africans do not blow our airplanes up. Arab Muslims do.

People across nations and cultures are not equal in any sense other than the vaguest biological commonalty, and even that is doubtful, given the Africans’ dominance in sports. The lines of difference are imperceptible: Germans, but not Italians, and Russians, but not Bulgarians, actively killed Jews. Christians and Muslims, Americans and Arabs are too different to be treated similarly in security matters.

Recognizing the source, let us confront the problem. The sources of Arab terrorism are Islam, immigration, and money.

The West must close its borders to Arabs: they have no business in Western cities. Instead the United States and Europe apply much easier visa standards to Arabs than to politically neutral people from Eastern Europe or Asia. A travel visa is not a human right but a benefit countries bestows at will. Americans and Europeans are under no moral obligation to issue visas to Arabs. Quarantine them. If some Arabs who do not support terrorism suffer from visa restrictions, so be it. Let them deal with their neighbors and co-religionists and extirpate the threat to the West which emanates from the Arab world. Some Germans were undoubtedly offended by restrictions on travel to America during WWII.

The Allies fought Germans, not Nazis; Japanese, not Asian imperialists; the West confronted Russians, not the Soviet people.

Abandon political correctness. Specify and target your enemy. Make yourself say the A-word: Arab. Then the necessary measures become clear.