For the past century, the Jewish nation is being annihilated. Starting with the Ukrainian genocide around 1920, through the Holocaust and continuing with the total assimilation in the Diaspora, the Jewish nation is being ruthlessly, systematically annihilated.
The Jews have experienced destruction of similar magnitude during the conquest of Babylon, the bubonic plague genocide in 14th-century Europe, and possibly several other times. The current annihilation is unusual, but not exceptional by historical standards—the bubonic plague pogroms reportedly left just 10 percent of European Jews alive.

Ben Gurion described Eastern European Jewry as human waste. Those words were abominable, but they held a kernel of truth. A lot has been written about American and Russian POWs breaking down in the harsh environment of the German and Japanese internment camps, but their dehumanization came nowhere close to that of the Jews, most of whom truly behaved as submissive human cattle. Imagine six million of them entering Israel before 1948. The War of Independence would have ended up in another Holocaust rather than al-Naqba.

Centuries of submission to Christian persecution twisted the Jewish mentality no less than four centuries of Egyptian bondage. Most ghetto Jews were no more religious than the Hebrews who molded the Golden Calf; synagogues were their clubs. The ghetto Jews, like the generation of the Exodus, were barred from the Promised Land.

Social systems grow old and die. Shortly before a society’s death, its last enterprising members escape. When Judea became a typically corrupt and despotic Middle Eastern country, many Jews settled into the vibrantly Jewish communities of the Diaspora. Rome sprouted Constantinople. The last enterprising Europeans colonized America before Europe decayed into welfare socialism. Likewise, Jews with a minimal sense of self-esteem and self-preservation fled tsarist Russia for America. Those who were left behind mostly perished.

Jews bred on cosmopolitan American consumerism and Russian communalism are destined for the mill of assimilation. The rare individuals fortunate enough to meet decent rabbis or nationalist leaders will survive as Jews, but most will cease to be truly Jewish. They think in terms of being a good person, of international friendship, and political correctness instead of in rogue Jewish terms—chosen-ness, purity, and isolation. A few can be converted back to Judaism in arduous one-on-one discussions, but most will never understand why it is unacceptable to marry a nice, ethical Gentile who doesn’t strive to join the People of Israel.

Annihilation is another side of purification. The Jewish nation had grown old and heavy with people who did not need their Jewishness. But Jewishness is not about ethnicity; it’s about zeal. Only zealots can maintain a pure society and be proudly different from others without sliding into jingoism. The Jews who leave the Jewish nation are not missed; the nation is happy to divest itself of them.

As in the old prophecies, blind guides arise to lead the blind astray. Jewish leaders laughed at Zhabotinsky for begging the shtetl Jews to flee the burning Europe. American Jewish organizations denounced Hillel Kook’s group, which abandoned political correctness to help their Jewish brethren who were being exterminated in Europe. The same organizations decried Meir Kahane’s push for freeing the Soviet Jews. Israeli leaders now are abandoning Judea and welcoming the Arabs to live in the Jewish state.

America was a state for pioneers, not for all Europeans. Pleasure-seeking immigrants are alien to the US pioneer identity. Canaan was not a place for all Jews; those too fearful to fight for it died out in the Sinai. Modern Israel was intended to be—and Judea could become—a state of Jewish pioneers; she doesn’t need all Jews.

The birth rate among the atheist Israeli Jews is hardly positive, and among the Diaspora Jews it is negative. Only religious Jews are breeding well, while others are assimilating and dying out. If this trend continues, in a generation or two the only Jews will be religious. A small number of Gentile spouses determined to bring up their children Jewish will bring new blood into the nation. The Jewish people, “refined as silver,” will again stand up, ready for divine service.

And if not? It’s God’s business; let him care. We just do our part.