Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is totally different from America’s problems with terrorists. Israel helps America a bit by absorbing some of the hatred and hurts by giving Muslims another pretext for anti-American sentiment.

America’s problems with Islamic terrorists are cultural. Islamists are jealous and, being unable to rise themselves, want to bring America down. Israeli-Muslim conflict, on other hand, is rational. Arabs consider Palestine their land. The Jews came and took it from them. Muslims have no agenda of exterminating the world Jewry, but only driving it out from the Islamic world. America can solve its problems with Muslims by cultural expansion rather than isolationism, and convert Muslims to the Western culture like it converted the Russians. Ideological expansion will not work for Israel; a conflict over rational ends has to be solved by rational means. If Israel wants to take the land other people consider theirs, she must be prepared to use unrestricted force against them.