In its opposition to America and the Jews, the United Europe embraces Islamic thugs. European Union’s Javier Solana made friendly visits to three terrorist states: terrorist sponsor Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah-run Lebanon, and Syria the Hamas host. Solana promised Syria the utmost help in returning the Golan Heights – annexed by Israel in repelling Syrian aggression and critical to Israeli security. The EU is much more equivocal about the Kuril Islands annexed by Russia from Japan after the WWII, German lands annexed by Russia and Poland, or Alsace-Lorraine annexed by France. Morality is alien to politics, but especially to European politics. Hereditary anti-Semites gleefully side with Arabs against the Jews, especially the politically weak Jews.

Solana’s case is easy: Israel only needs to voice her support for the Basque people. If the Golans are rightfully Syrian, then the Basque country belongs to Basques. If the EU helps Syria, Israel has every reason to help Basques with safe haven, training, and the UN representation. America played that tactics with Iraqi Kurds. Supporting separatists is a common way to pressure a state into more amenable policy. Don’t allow the EU to kick Israel around.

swap Basque country for Golan Heights