To people who follow Ukrainian politics, Pakistan offers a sense of déjà vu. Bhutto, like Ukraine’s Julia Timoshenko, is an ultra-corrupt female leader posing as pro-Western but relying heavily on local throngs. Timoshenko relies on Ukrainian nationalists who are often indistinguishable from neo-Nazis, and Bhutto relies on the Islamists.

Most female leaders are inherently weak, and have to rely on someone. Bhutto, a woman, cannot control the Pakistani army directly, but needs a proxy. If she opted for a proxy general, he would soon overturn her. So she chose the Islamists for the proxy function. Incidentally, Bhutto’s policy put the Islamists in charge of the Pakistani nuclear weapons. Many Pakistani nuclear scientists are hardcore Muslims anyway, but Bhutto’s supporters are Islamists’ Islamists, the professional Muslims.

The US Administration’s obsession with Bhutto’s pro-Western attitude is ridiculous beyond words. Western diplomats commonly show such attitudes toward Western-educated, English- or French-speaking local thugs. When they lack Western education and don’t speak English, any other affiliation goes; Ukraine’s Yuschenko became the US Administration’s darling after he married a State Department official. Another textbook case of deception is the West’s obsession with Ahmed Shah Masood, a ruthless Afghan Islamist warlord who speaks good French and wears a Bob Dylan style beard.

Bhutto leads an essentially monarchic clique called the Pakistan People’s Party, which was previously led by her father and mother. There is just no way that two women can be democratically elected to lead a political party in a rigidly Islamic country. Bhutto spent a very short time in Pakistan, staying mostly in the US, UK, and United Arab Emirates. She had very little contact with common Pakistanis, certainly not enough to have led to the groundbreaking rise of a woman to prime minister in an Islamic country. Bhutto’s leadership of PPP demonstrates qualities exactly opposite to those the US Administration ascribes to her. Bhutto ascended to power in no democratic way, and is no supporter of democracy. She is the head of a clan, just barely short of a queen. Specifically, she is the head of an Islamist clan: her support comes from Punjab, an Islamist region. Bhutto routinely acts in accord with Jamaat e-Islami, the political front for Pakistan’s Islamists. She installed the Taliban in Afghanistan. PPP explicitly promotes Islamic socialism, and was very close to the Soviet Union.

Bhutto’s “commitment” to transparent government is supported by Interpol’s warrant for her arrest on corruption charges. Bhutto was sentenced for money laundering—not in the dubious Pakistani courts, but in impeccable Switzerland’s. During her terms as Pakistan’s prime minister, Bhutto did nothing worthy of mention except to enrich herself and her cronies. To all purposes, she proved herself grossly incompetent as the country’s leader—a natural outcome for graduates of Harvard and Oxford, where the leftist education is divorced from reality.

Bhutto is not particularly popular in Pakistan; how could a woman who is essentially a foreigner and a corrupt politician be popular? PPP got only 23 percent of the seats in the 2002 elections, and even of that modest number, many MPs do not support Bhutto; some have even defected to other factions.

It is puzzling what the US Administration finds wrong with General Musharaff, who staunchly supported the US Afghan invasion, abandoned the Taliban and Islamic fighters in Kashmir, and represses Muslim terrorists. Musharaff staked everything on rapprochement with America. He alienated every good Muslim in Pakistan, even down to Osama bin Laden. In return, the US Administration didn’t even release to Pakistan the fighter jets which Pakistan had paid for long ago, and whose delivery had been frozen ever since.

It would be soothing if the US Administration pursued the sensible plan of installing Bhutto in Pakistan to use her home base in Sindh province as a camp for operations in Iranian Baluchistan to sabotage the Ahmadinejad regime. Such strategic thinking, however, is unlikely. More likely, the black professor in the White House sympathizes with a fellow female who holds an academic degree from an American university.